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Aline Haelberg :
Arthur  Bacon : 
Elodie Messmer :

Endowed with an atypical musical personality, she evolves in various musical styles, between partitions and intuitions. With her fingertips harp, keyboard or violin she participates in projects as varied as "Lolomis" or "Zakouska" and is invited for collaborations with "Lacro", "The Summer Rebellion", "Le Tourdion" "...

After studies at the RRC of Strasbourg in the class of Serge Lamberger and Pierre-Michel

Vigneau, then at the CNSM Lyon in the class Fabrice Pierre, Sylvain Blassel and Park Stickney, she decided to leave France to continue her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the class of Annie Lavoisier where she graduated from a graduate didactic master.

Her passion for the music of oral traditions and her qualities as a soloist pushed her on the path of many creations that led her to perform in Europe but also in Morocco or Guyana ...

She is currently preparing the creation of Lolomis' third album as well as the release of the third opus of Zakouska (March 2019); and develops a parallel career in music pedagogy by teaching the harp at the Conservatoire Regional Radiation of Toulon.

Accordionist and composer, Arthur Bacon went through jazz classes conservatories of Strasbourg and Berlin. There are several albums to his credit in the spheres of neo-traditional music with the group Zakouska and in the rock'n'roll of The Summer Rebellion, born from his meeting with David Koczij in Brussels.

He follows a curious path punctuated by many collaborations: the Strasbourg collective Assoce Pikante, the Greek group Rebetien, the singer Manu Théron, the trans-world of Lolomis, the French punks Les Idiots, the poet Pauline Willerval, the violinist and improviser Ruben Tenenbaum, the director Jean Amoris ...

These multiple encounters make him a battered accompanist and a fierce improviser who happily leaves the beaten track.

From violin and viola to Cretan lyra, Aline makes the strings sound with finesse.

Her musical career leads her to give a central place to the traditional music that she continues to nourish with a living practice and full of energy.

After a training in classical violin, jazz and improvised music (Conservatory of Metz) and a DEM of Oriental music (ENM of Villeurbanne), she is currently working with Romanian, Greek and Turkish music.

It occurs with the Bumbac Quintet (free travel in Balkan music) and has previously multiplied the collaborations in the field of live performance with the Cépard Cheetah Echapée (theater), the Equinote Company (equestrian show).

Engaged in the field of human, alternative and cultural development, Aline is currently involved in the collective creation of a place dedicated to cultural and artistic activities, self-development and agriculture.

Fabien Bucher :

After starting the music with the violin, Fabien is mainly devoted to the guitar. Trained in the conservatories of Brussels and Strasbourg in jazz and improvised music, he is passionate very quickly for world music. He studied Indian music with sarodist Ken Zuckermann, oriental music with Latif Charaani, music from Greece during workshops with Evgenios Voulgaris, and more recently interested in traditional French and European dance music.

His curious and creative personality leads him to take part in various projects: live show, equestrian circus, theater, ballroom music and traditional dances ...

Currently he is a musician / composer / arranger in "Zakouska", "Hand Baladeuses" and "Bal'O Gadjo".

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